The Cosco Connection

The Costco Connection

Customer and Organization Magazine


The demographics for The Costco Connection are as follows:


-Male: 39.6%

-Female: 60.4%


-Age 25-34: 8.3%

-Age 35-44: 14.6%

-Age 45-54: 24.2%

-Age 55-64: 26.7%

-Median Age: 55.6%

-Marital Status:

-Married: 81.7%

-Any children in household: 33.0%

-Age 30-39 with children: 79.2%

-Age 40-49 with children: 75.4&

-Home Ownership:

-Own home: 89.9%

-Median home value: $369,700

-Employed: 66.0%


-Any college: 88.1%

-Graduated college: 60.2%

-Postgraduate: 24.5%

-Household Income:

-Median Household Income: $113,200

-Median net worth: $696,000


-Self-employed: 41.6%

-Own their own business: 31.7%

In terms of circulation, The Costco Connection has the highest circulation rate. Currently, The Costco Connection is circulated to over 18,986,000 people.

The average age of readers is 55 with a household income of about $113,000 a year. This average reader is the average Costco customer, meaning your average family head looking for bulk and household items. This is seen in The Costco Connection ads that feature average household products that are found in bulk at Costco. Examples of ads within The Costco Connection are probiotics, Windex, vitamins, laundry detergents, laptops, furniture, and other electronics. These kinds of advertisements appeal to this age groups needs the most, since they not only want products to support their family, but leisure products as well such as electronics and jewelry.

Editorial Philosophy

The magazine’s specific focus is to give Costco customers a magazine featuring appealing, contentious, and informative content all while providing customers with the newest products and uses of these products. The Costco Connection’s specific approach to content is to offer readers previews of their products but to also provide them content they’d enjoy and benefit reading from. The Costco Connection has one of the most loyal, captive and buying populations in the world. Costco is the only organizational magazine that has over $18 million consistent readers that are loyal and dedicated.   Costco is a loyal brand and customers of this brand have become loyal to the magazine since it portrays the same quality, bang for your buck, and personalization that Costco’s warehouse stores offer.

Editorial Formula

The Costco Connection always features notes from the editors and publisher to further plug in Costco products and allow customers to feel a deeper connection to the company. There is also always “dialogue letters” section for readers to give their own opinions and comments to feel respected and valued by the company itself. The magazine then goes on to feature a fresh views, consumer connection, financial connection, and informed debate sections. These sections feature interactive and informative content to provide the reader with entertainment and helpful tips using Costco products and resources. The Costco Connection also always features a celebrity that would appeal to those in their 40s-60s since that is their main age range. Then, depending on the season, a makeover or other how to is featured to show readers how to integrate Costco products into their everyday lives. To end the magazine, a Shop section is featured followed by special events and updates within the company.


            The Costco connection is published by Costco Wholesale. Costco own over 671 warehouses and owns the brand Kirkland Signature. It is headquartered in Washington state and is lead by Publisher Ginnie Roeglin and Editor David Fuller. The magazine has over 40 employees that include art directors, graphic designers, circulation assistants and administrative assistants. 

Advertising/Editorial Ratio

            The magazine has a total of 81 pages. Out of these pages about 45 were ads. The whole magazine you could technically consider an ad but many of the blatant ads are for the Costco brand Kirkland.   This gives about a 55 percent advertising to editorial ratio.


            The magazine’s editorial content matches its philosophy and audience very well. The magazine features a “Back to Basics” feature that shows Costco customers how to cook hearty, healthy meals. It also features a “Makeover Madness” article to transform your backyard. This all fits in very well with Costco Connection’s philosophy of providing the reader informative and relevant information for their lives.


The magazine was definitely designed for their audience. The text is always either quite large or bold or on a white or stark background to make it easy to read, which is appealing to their average reader. Pops of very bold color bring the jaded eye into the ads that plague the magazine. Pictures within articles do not drive the design since the written content is the most important part of this aspect of the magazine. However, ads consume at least half a page to a page of space to make sure it stands out among the text in the magazine.


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